Health and Nutrition

Looking to bone up on medical and nutrition information to better care for your dog? Check these sites out.

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American Animal Hospital Association
HealthyPet, sponsored by the AAHA, provides pet care tips, a library, recommended reading, and a list of animal hospitals.

American Holistic Veterinary Medicine
This site provides information and resources on complementary and alternative therapies in veterinary medicine.

American Veterinary Medical Association
The online home of the AVMA has news and feature articles for vets and pet owners.

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
Joanne Dickson, whose dog Meisha is the longest known canine survivor of autoimmune hemolytic anemia, has compiled a wealth of information on this rare disease.

Barley Dog
All about barley supplements for dogs--and why your dog likes to eat grass!

Canine Cookie Company
Looking for something special for your dog's birthday party? Want an extra tasty biscuit for training or rewards? The crew at Canine Cookie Company (formerly Canine treats for all occasions, made from wholesome grains with no preservatives, salt, or processed sugar. Mac says try the P'nut Puppies!

Canine Health
This web site features online resources about poisonous plants and how they can affect dogs and other animals.

Happy Dog Bakery
If you want a truly special birthday treat for your favorite dog, visit Jan and Gary's Happy Dog Bakery. They're based in Moline, Illinois, but if that's too far to travel their online home will give you a taste of all the goodies the offer. Mac and Maynard love their Ice Cream Cones and Cheese Dogs!

Flint River
After several years of feeding Innova to our Labs, we switched our boys back to Flint River (fish and chips). They love the taste and we saw dramatic improvement in their coats after only a few months. Harry hasn't been this hairy since he was a pup!

Nutritional Consulting for Companion Animals- Pet Nutrition
A dietary consulting service for companion animals that offers services such as nutrition consultations, dietary analysis, home-cooked diet formulation, and special diets formulation for animals with medical issues.

Are you prepared for emergencies and catastrophes when it comes to your dog? Would you know what to do if your dog was involved in a serious accident and critically injured? Resqpet has a book and emergency medical kits for dogs that may enable you to one day save a dog's life.

Senior Dog Project
Looking for information about caring for or adopting an older dog? Visit the Senior Dog Project. They have lots of good and useful information, including details on side effects of Rimadyl, which is commonly prescribed for arthithis, inspiring stories from families that have rescued senior dogs, and more.

Three Dog Bakery
In 1990, two guys with three dogs and a dream started baking dog biscuits in their kitchen in Kansas City. They now run a national chain of bakeries for dogs.

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