Other Dog Books Worth Sniffing

A Dog's Life

by Harry Horenstein; illustrated by Pierre Le-Tan

The equivalent of a baby book for dogs, this journal for you and your pup has sections that prompt you to record important information and events in your dog's life. A cute gift for a new puppy parent. If you can't find this book (it's out of print), try Puppy's First Book.

MacMillan Publishing Company
ISBN 0-02-063240-1, $12.95

Dog Law

by Mary Randolph

What are your rights as a dog owner? Now in its third edition, this book takes a look at the legal ramifications of dog ownership and offers sensible advice for resolving disputes over dogs. It covers everything from dog bites and leash laws to arranging for dog burials and trust funds.

Nolo Press
ISBN 0873373928, $14.95
366 pages

The Good Shepherd

by Jo Coudert

Getting to the heart of the benefits of animal-assisted therapy, this moving book tells the story of a special German Shepherd named Grizzly, his young master's battle with terminal cancer, and the boy's mother, who was rescued from her own grief by the dog. Fulfilling her son's dying wish, Lana Davis began taking Grizzly to visit sick children in hospitals and founded two successful animal therapy organizations.

Andrews McMeel
ISBN 0836267567 $19.95 Hardcover

On the Road Again With Man's Best Friend

by Dawn and Robert Habgood

One of a series of regional guides to B&Bs, inns, hotels, and resorts that cater to you and your best friend, this book rates four woofs for us. We've used it several times to find accommodations in various New England cities and have always found the descriptions on the mark. The authors do an excellent job of providing details important to people traveling with dogs--from the nearest part to the selection of puppy amenities available from room service

Dawbert Press, Inc.
ISBN 0-93360-303-7 $17.95 Softcover

Puppy's First Book

by Ellen Sinaiko

For those of you who want to keep all those precious puppy memories fresh for years to come, get a copy of Puppy's First Book. Ellen Sinaiko, with the help of her dachshund Ernestine, created this keepsake book with space for family tree, paw prints, puppy pictures, and important events like first vet visit, first home, first bath, and first trick.

Vantage Press
ISBN 0-533117-43-7, $24.95

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