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The Consumer's Guide to Dog Food

by Liz Palika

Confused or concerned about what's in your dog's food? Do you want to know how to tell the difference between premium brands? If all foods promise "100 percent complete and balanced" why bother comparing? Why not select by price? Liz Palika answers these questions and more in her guide to dog food.

Howell Book House
ISBN 0-87605-467-X, $9.95 paperback

The Doggy Bone Cookbook

by Michele Bledsoe

The fun, easy way to bake love and nutrition into your dog's life! Veterinarian-approved recipes for Cinnabone, Peamutt Butter, Paw Lick'n Chick'n, Santa Paws, and more! This collection of great biscuit recipes comes with a 3" plastic bone-shaped cutter. The only downside: you'll never be able to get your baking sheets out without attracting a canine crowd. A small price to pay, in our opinion.

Come & Get It Publishing
ISBN 0965304205 Hardcover $9.95
13 pages plus bone-shaped biscuit cutter

Little Recipe Book for Dogs

by Jaroslav Weigel

One of the best dog food cookbooks we've found, this charming and information-packed book offers a variety of recipes and tips on dog nutrition for people who want to prepare their dog's meals from scratch.

ISBN 0-345-41451-9, $12 hardcover

Pet Allergies

by Alfred Plechner, DVM

An eye-opening look at foods at the root of many pet allergies, this book will change the way you think about pet nutrition and commercially prepared pet foods. Plechner discusses what's at the root of many pet allergies and offers solutions both for owners and veterinarians.

Very Healthy Enterprises
ISBN 0961545208, $8.00

The Well Dog Book

by Terri McGinnis

The complete, up-to-date handbook that answers the questions dog owners most often ask about dog care: What's the best way to house-train my dog? How can I remove tar or paint from my dog's coat? What's the right diet for a puppy, a new mother, an older dog? What vaccinations does my dog need and when? How can I get rid of fleas on my dog and in my house? What does it mean if my dog is feverish, excessively thirsty, irritable? What are the special needs of my pregnant dog? How can I help her during delivery? If my dog has an accident, what do I do? Which problems can I handle myself and when should I call a veterinarian? Filled with great advice.

Random House
ISBN 0679770011, $15.00 US
290 pages

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