Top Ten Gifts for Dogs

dog-hydrantWhat do dogs really want? Chances are you won't find their favorite gifts in any store.

If you're wondering what to put in your dog's stocking this year, sit and stay before you trot toward the nearest pet store. Despite the amazing array of toys, treats, and accessories on the market today, most dogs are still remarkably unmaterialistic. And while the canine staff at Two Dog Press knows your four-legged companion would probably never turn down a new squeaky toy or stuffed animal, here's what they say dogs really want:
  • Ten minutes of lovin' and rubbin' (behind the ears is always good).
  • Nine trips in one week to all the places that give away dog biscuits at the drive-through windows.
  • Eight extra minutes of play time in the evening (fetch, tug-of-war, hide-n'-seek...).
  • Seven nights at your feet in front of the fire, wood stove, or heating vent.
  • Six "play dates" with the dog next door.
  • Five wholesome, homemade treats.
  • Four holes to dig (with parental permission).
  • Three mud puddles to splash in.
  • Two squirrels to chase.
  • A one-hour off-leash romp in the woods.

The dogs in your life may have a few other "favorite" activities for you to do with them-such as take them to the local dog-friendly swimming hole, feed them supper an hour earlier each day, or take them to work with you-but you get the idea.

If the "dog people" on your gift list aren't quite as easy to please as Max and Maggie, go fetch Karen Dowell's tribute to life with dogs, titled: Cooking with Dogs. For anyone who's ever had a dog underfoot in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the office, this delightful book is not a cookbook, but a collection of canine-inspired poems and vignettes, seasoned with fun and colorful illustrations by eight artists. USA Today calls it "a howling good holiday gift. (If you can wait 'til then to share it.)" Cooking with Dogs is available through bookstores and online stores such as And a portion of the sales proceeds from this and other Two Dog Press books and gifts is donated to dog charities.

To order signed copies of this award-winning book directly from Two Dog Press call toll-free 888.310.2364 or visit the Two Dog store. But before you go shopping, be sure to give your faithful companion little extra love and attention -- a gift that's guaranteed to get tails wagging.

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