Children's Books


by Sandra Boynton

In this adorable board book, Artist Sandra Boynton has a blast counting to ten with dogs that bark, whine, and howl. Billed for baby and preschool, but lots of fun for dog-loving adults, too.

Little Simon
ISBN 0671493183 $4.99 board
512 pages


by Beverley Wood, Chris Wood

Journey to back in time with Dogstar's 13-year-old hero Jeff Beacon to 1930's Juneau, Alaska. Still mourning the loss of his dog Buddy, Jeff discovers Patsy Ann, a special dog who tugs him into an adventure of counterfeit money, sunken ships, and lost treasures. A good choice for pre-teen dog lovers.

Orca Book Publishers
ISBN 1896095372 $6.95 paperback

Good Dog, Carl

by Alexandra Day

No dog person's book collection is complete without at least one of Alexandra Day's "Carl" books. The theme in each of these baby-preschool books is the same: mother entrusts baby with Carl, a lovable, rottweiler with a marvelous sense of fun and adventure. Also look for Carl's Afternoon in the Park and Carl Goes Shopping. 

Little Simon
ISBN 0689807481 $5.95 Board Book


by Anton Chekhov

Chekhov is one of our favorite authors, but we had no idea he also wrote children's stories until we found this little gem. Beautifully illustrated by Gennady Spirin, this is the tale of a small dog who gets lost and finds a new life in a Russian circus.

Gulliver Books
ISBN 0-15-200539-0, $16.00
32 pages

Lassie Come-Home

by Eric Mobray Knight

For young readers (ages 9-12), this story, first published in 1940, tells of a young boy whose family can no longer afford to keep their beloved collie. They send the dog north to Scotland to live with a rich, bad-tempered old man. But Lassie follows her instincts and travels hundreds of miles to once again meet her true master at the school gate.

Henry Holt & Co.
ISBN 0805007210, $16.95

The Lighthouse Dog

by Betty Waterton, illustrations by Dean Griffiths

This charming picturebook by well-known children's author Betty Waterton is a must for Newfoundland owners and lighthouse fans. It tells the tale of a huge sea dog who goes to live in a lighthouse.

Orca Book Publishers
ISBN 1551430738 $14.95 Hardcover

Meet Matt and Roxy

by Karen Huszar, photography by Susan Huszar

This sweet little book for pre-schoolers and youngsters just learning to read caters to the younger dog lovers among us. A photojournal of a young boy and his adventures with his bull terrier, it has simple, easy to read captions that tell the story of these two best friends.

Orca Book Publishers
ISBN 1551430533 $14.95 Hardcover

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