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2boys-606Summer in Maine was made for Labrador Retrievers. Especially Labs who live near water. And this summer, our boys can't get enough of the invitingly cold waters of Blue Hill Bay. Harry likes to wade and sniff around piles of seaweed, while Mitchell prefers more active water sports--retrieving sticks is top of his list. Now that it's finally stopped raining, they're delighted they can get wet on their own terms.

When they're not happily beached in Brooklin, the boys can usually be found walking the streets of Portland's Old Port and West End. They've adjusted well to a combination of country and city life, although they could probably do without the long car trip between Two Dog store sites. We've learned that the best way to chase away the traveling dog blues is a stop at the Pine Tree State Arboretum in Augusta. If you're visiting Maine this season, check it out.

Here's what else is up at Two Dog Press:

  • We are planning to expand our editorial content over the next few months, adding more stories and a regular Two Dog column in our dog tales section. If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see explored, Speak! to us.
  • We've discontinued our dog writing contests, but encourage you to read the winning entries from past contests.
  • You'll find lots of cool stuff in the Two Dog Store to choose from.
  • Take a look at our revised Dog Tales & Tips section for a fresh look at life with dogs.
  • Visit our Bookshelf to browse through the many dog books we recommend.
  • We've finally taken the time to update our Dog Links pages, so all the links are current and working. We hope to sort through the hundreds of link submissions we receive regularly to add new, interesting sites to our links to other dog pages.
  • Have an urge to bake for your dogs? We have several recipes that will have your four-legged kids salivating at the sight of baking sheets in Dog Food. Be sure to try our tasty treat for special occasions, Harry's Party Pupcakes! or our Two Dog favorite, Everyday Biscuits. We've also recently added recipes for allergy dogs that are wheat- and yeast-free.
  • Visit our Awards page to see the latest Tail Wagging award we received from Dogs World for having a fun, quality, family-oriented site!


Enjoy your visit! If you have a moment, before you leave, please take a moment to Speak! to us. Tell us what you like and what you'd like to see more of at our site -- or just say hi to the dogs. They love visitors. Woof!


Latest News

  • Latest News
    Summer in Maine was made for Labrador Retrievers. Especially Labs who live near water. And this summer,...

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