Training and Behavior

The Culture Clash

by Jean Donaldson

In this insightful training book, Donaldson reveals how to understand and appreciate dogs as dogs. She explains why dogs do what they do, then explores how to train them effectively to to what you want them to do. This book is receiving lots of praise from new owners and experienced dog trainers alike.

James and Kenneth Publishers
ISBN 1888047054 $17.95 paperback

Dogs Never Lie About Love

be Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Picking up where Elizabeth Marshall Thomas left off in The Hidden Life of Dogs, Jeffrey Masson guides you through the depths of canine emotions -- love, loyalty, loneliness -- and the centuries old love affair between dogs and humans.

Crown Publishers
ISBN 0-609-60057-5, $24.00 hardcover
274 pages

The Dog Who Loved Too Much

by Dr. Nicholas Dodman

In this warm, compassionate, entertaining, informative book, Dr. Dodman tells real-life stories from his practice that illustrate his unique approach to correcting and curing unwanted behaviors. By making key changes in a dog's diet, exercise regime, environment, and training, Dr. Dodman has been able to work seeming wonders with even the most difficult problems. Treating everything from minor training lapses to blanket-sucking dachshunds, rage syndrome in springer spaniels, anxiety in afghans, and obsessive-compulsive disorders in golden retrievers and labradors, Dr. Dodman tackles the most common as well as the most baffling of dog disorders.

ISBN 0-553-10194-3, $22.95 US Hardcover
260 pages

The Intelligence of Dogs

by Stanley Coren

How well do dogs understand language? Why can't Rover read? Can you teach on old dog new tricks? How smart is your dog? Psychologist Stanley Coren answers these questions and more in this enlightening resource for dog owners, potential dog owners, and anyone who loves a good dog story. In the best-selling tradition of The Hidden Life Of Dogs and featured in national media from USA Today and Newsweek to "Charlie Rose" and "Dateline NBC," The Intelligence Of Dogs is an absorbing read that combines heroic stories of dogs with the latest scientific and psychological information and sections on how to: Choose a family dog. Read your dog's body language. Test your dog's smarts. Understand the sophisticated language of the bark. Tailor a training program for best results. And so much more. Our two dogs loved taking the IQ tests. (We won't tell you who tested smarter.)

Bantam Books
ISBN 0553374524 $13.95 Hardcover

Mother Knows Best

by Carol Benjamin

From the basics of puppy training and good house manners on through all the levels of structured obedience exercises, Mother Knows Best/The Natural Way to Train Your Dog helps dogs learn as they were intended to. Here's how to enjoy your dog, have your dog enjoy you-and enhance the human/animal bond at the same time. It's training you can really rely on. The dogs at Two Dog Press were raised on this book.

Howell Book House
ISBN 0-87605-666-4, $22.95
256 pages

Owner's Guide to Better Behavior in Dogs

by Willian E. Campbell

Dog trainer William Campbell shares his words of wisdom and shows how dogs usurp authority through affection. He provides insights on how you can better understand dog behavior to gain better control of your dog. You'll learn how dogs think and act and how to positively change behavior patterns.)

Alpine Publications
ISBN 0-93186-664-2, $16.95
248 pages

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