Service Dogs

Here are a few places where you can learn about very special dogs trained to do remarkable things.

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Dogs For the Deaf
Find out how dogs help people who have hearing disabilities.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind
A well-designed, well-organized, informative site about guide dogs.

Helper Dogs (Therapy)
The Delta Society site celebrates companion animals and the ways they enrich our lives. This organization also certifies therapy dogs.

Maine Search and Rescue Dogs
MESARD teams consist of a handler and an air scenting dog who provide assistance in searches for lost or missing people. Meet some search and rescue dogs and find out how they learned to save lives.

Service Dogs
A listing of service dog resources throughout the U.S.

S.M.A.R.T Dog
This non-profit organization trains dogs and their owners to promote the bond between animals and people through volunteer work. Find out how you and your dog can team up to bring joy to others!

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    Summer in Maine was made for Labrador Retrievers. Especially Labs who live near water. And this summer,...

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