SoftLine Slip Leads

So many people have asked us where we got the super soft and durable slip leashes we use when walking our Two Dog dogs that we decided to start carrying SoftLine products in our store. These six-foot leads are made from 5/8-inch, specially braided rope that is a pleasure to hold and can be slipped easily on and off your dog.

Woof! We no longer sell SoftLine slip leads in our online store. Please visit Soft Lines to view their full line of leads and collars.

We currently recommend the front-connection SENSE-ible Harness from Softouch Concepts. If you have a dog who pulls on leash, you will love this harness! Harry and Mitchell both wear SENSE-ible Harnesses when walking around downtown Portland, Bar Harbor, and other populated places with leash laws. This front-connection harness transformed Harry from a compulsive puller to a well-mannnered heeler in minutes.

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