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smseadogsTwo Dog Press is an independent publisher and online "dog store" based on the coast of Maine. Everything you need to know about us can probably be summed up in three words: we love dogs. We're the type of people who carry pictures of our dogs everywhere. We don't own a stitch of clothing or piece of furniture that doesn't have dog hair on it. We always carry plastic bags filled with treats in our pockets. And we plan our daily schedules and life in general around our Labrador Retrievers, Sammi and Sallie -- who are always eager to remind us when they want to go out and play.

Given our name and our affinity for four-legged kids, it shouldn't be too surprising that we got our start publishing books about dogs. Although our publishing ventures are currently on hold, we believe the works we have produced are fun, frisky, elegant and memorable. For almost a decade, we ran an online store with a selection of gifts featuring the wonderful dog art of our favorite artists as well as a few special items from other publishers and manufacturers. Over the past few years, we've compiled an online Bookshelf featuring our favorite dog books--many personally drooled on by our dogs.  Then life interrupted and we shut down the store, but decided to keep this site as a tribute to the many wonderful dogs we've loved over the years: The original Two Dog team Mac and Maynard, followed by Harry and Mitchell, then Seager and Sammi, and now the girls, Sammi and Sallie.

Two Dog Press is an advocate of responsible pet ownership. We support charities, shelters, and rescue organizations that benefit dogs and educate pet owners. And we strive to publish information on our web site and in our books that educates people about caring for their dogs. Because, as Trainer Barbara Woodhouse once noted, "There are no bad dogs." Organizations that we have made monetary donations over the past few years include: the ASPCA, The Company of Animals Fund, Animal Rescue League, The Ark, Bangor Humane Society, Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue, Coastal Humane Society, LABMED, New Life Assistance Dogs, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, The Delta Society, Massachusetts SPCA, Associated Humane Societies, PAWS, and the CILRA. Through our 2001 Books for Good Paws program, Two Dog Press donated more than 2500 books to 48 different shelters, rescue organizations, and other non-profits nationwide to support their fundraising efforts. Woof! We want to thank our customers for enabling us to give so generously to these worthy causes.

We continue to donate books and promotional items to shelters, clubs, and rescue organizations to aid in fundraising efforts. If you're interested in seeing whether we would be willing to help your dog cause, Speak! to us.

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    Summer in Maine was made for Labrador Retrievers. Especially Labs who live near water. And this summer,...

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