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Twelve Days of Christmas (for Dogs)

Maynard Minus Music tries his paw at writing a "Christmutts Carol."

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Stories and Poems by Walt Zientek

Writer Walt Zientek shares a story and poem inspired by his dogs. Take heed: Walt's work has been known to cause more than one dog lover to cry!

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Lab Tales by John Arrington

Retriever owners are sure to get a chuckle out of these two short stories by writer John Arrington, who has long been inspired by the Labs in his life.

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Penn's Story

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dog in the United States. Excellent family dogs, Labs are prized for their temperament, their intelligence, their loyalty, their looks -- and their gentle way with children. Unfortunately, popularity has its down- side. And many wonderful Labs are homeless, abandoned, or abused. And rescue organizations have difficulty placing them all. Gail Conway tells the story of one sweet Lab who was lucky enough to find a new home late in life.

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Hobb's Story

Those of us who love our dogs and treat them like members of our families will never understand what causes some people to cruelly abuse their pets. Thankfully, there are others with the compassion to take in the mistreated dogs no one else wants...

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    Summer in Maine was made for Labrador Retrievers. Especially Labs who live near water. And this summer,...

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