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The 21st Century Dog?

Although they'll never replace real dogs, Sony's AIBO robot dogs are quite fetching...

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Why Cyberdogs Magazine

dog-newspaperManuela Valletti, editor of the Milan, Italy-based Cyberdogs Magazine. We asked Ms. Valletti to share her thoughts (in English and her native Italian) on what motivates her to publish a dog magazine.

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Kids and Pets

Dr. Jeffrey Feinman, also known as the HomeVet, discusses what you need to know if you have or plan to have dogs and kids living under the same roof. Learn how to introduce your dog to a new baby and how to teach your kids to be "petwise."

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Selecting a Professional Pet Sitter

Planning a trip this summer, but can't take your dog? Before you call a kennel or impose on a neighbor, you may want to consider hiring a professional pet sitter to care for your best friend while you're away. Professional Pet Sitter and Author Lori Mangold shares what she's learned about the type of person who makes a great pet sitter -- and how to find them. She may even inspire you to start your own pet sitting service...

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Should You Become a Dog Owner?

Amy Chavez, a columnist for the Japan Times, takes an international spin on responsible (and irresponsible) dog ownership that makes Mac and Maynard glad they live in the country, where there are no sidewalks! She's also put together an all-in-fun quiz to help you determine if you have what it takes to be a dog owner.

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    Summer in Maine was made for Labrador Retrievers. Especially Labs who live near water. And this summer,...

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